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Welcome to gaf210Codes! This is a codes website intended to bring complex codes (and not so complex) to IMVU users, skilled on coding or not. We have a wide variety of generators, gadgets and tools to make your imvu life easier :D


  • 22-Feb-2017 - Updated the Photostream Panel Generator to show up to 8 recent streams and order them from newest to oldest. New codes! - gaf210 imvu codes
  • 19-Feb-2017 - Updated the Photostream option in the Top Bar to use the new gaf210Codes Photostream viewer! New codes! - gaf210 imvu codes
  • 05-Feb-2017 - Added a code to change homepage cursors to the Various codes section. New codes! - gaf210 imvu codes
  • 15-Jan-2017 - New options for the site Top Bar so now you can check a friend's Pulse and also the classic Photostream page!
  • 26-Nov-2016 - New generator added !! Try the Polaroid Gallery Generator to create a cool way of showing your favourite photos!
  • 22-Oct-2016 - Now you can make links to be tinyurls in the Banner Code Generator, specially useful when linking to groups with rare characters in their names.
  • 01-Oct-2016 - Fixed an offset in the Auto updating age code in the Various Codes section.
  • 28-Aug-2016 - New tool added to View Derivation Tree of a product in the Creator Tools section.
  • 21-Aug-2016 - Four new layouts added to the Free Layouts section Courtesy of Serendipity Layouts and True Layouts!
  • 07-Aug-2016 - Added a new type to the Catalog Dropdown Menu Generator for Row of Buttons.
  • 31-Jul-2016 - Added a new option to the Youtube Player Generator for Button + Volume + Video Name! Also, we added an option to put the player on a fixed position of the screen.
  • 31-Jul-2016 - Now you can set Hour, Minutes and Seconds in the Countdown Generator!
  • 05-Jul-2016 - Added a button to Clear Fields in several generators.
  • 05-Jul-2016 - Added 2 more links for creators in the Useful IMVU Links section: Extended Reports and Change Earnings.
  • 03-Jul-2016 - Added 4 new codes to the Various Codes section:
    • Add vertical space between panels
    • Add contents to about me panel
    • Avatar name switcher
    • Change link of room panel picture
  • 24-Mar-2016 - Updated code to put Image at the Top of Homepage in the Various Codes section.
  • 22-Mar-2016 - Two more new layouts to the Free Layouts section thanks to Pantone!
  • 29-Feb-2016 - Added two new layouts by LickMyPixel and Pantone to the Free Layouts section!
  • 28-Feb-2016 - We added a new option to the IMVU Useful Links to set your video and playlists as the background of your page!
  • 26-Feb-2016 - We have added links to Verify Creator and Request payouts in the IMVU Useful Links section.
  • 25-Feb-2016 - We have really great news for all of you using any of the Product Panel Generators we have:

    + Extended New Products Panel Generator
    + Bestsellers Panel Generator
    + Related Products Panel Generator
    + Derivations Panel Generator
    + Derivables Panel Generator
    + Products Scrolling Marquee Generator

    A recent tweak that has been applied on our side since a few weeks already, allows now all the Product Panel Generators to:

    + Show really recently published products (no waiting weeks to show recent products anymore)
    + Show AP products to Access Pass holders

    These two new features will only work when the codes are put either into your imvu homepage, or product pages. It has no effect if the person visiting is not logged into the imvu website.

    To be clear, YOU DON'T NEED to generate your panel codes all over again, the change is already applied to existing codes, so you have to basically do nothing to see the changes in place :)

    Hope you enjoy the news as much as we do!!
  • 06-Feb-2016 - If you are a photostreamer, this generator is just for you! Showcase your latest photostream pictures into your homepage with the brand new My Photostream Panel Generator !
  • 06-Feb-2016 - Added a new code to Hide the Try It buttons in the outfits panel, into our Various Codes section.
  • 27-Jan-2016 - Have you ever wanted to show more outfits inside your Outfits Panel? With the new Extended Outfits Panel Generator you can now show up to 20 of your latest outfits!
  • 21-Jan-2016 - Made a few fixes to prevent the Bulk product icon code generator to fail in some cases.
  • 18-Jan-2016 - Added a link to view public outfits in the IMVU Links Generator.
  • 18-Jan-2016 - Added 2 new codes in the Various Codes section: Center Panel Headers and Remove Gap in the About Me Panel.
  • 17-Nov-2015 - Fixed a bug in the Product Page Generator that could happen when changing the colors of the options (thanks to Paraadice for reporting!).
  • 14-Nov-2015 - Fixed the custom button while on playlist mode in the Youtube Player Generator.
  • 14-Nov-2015 - Now you can use the top bar utilities while browsing gaf210Codes in your mobile device
  • 14-Nov-2015 - Have you matched with someone but don't remember their profile? Now you can go and check them back with our new gadget: Get Matched Profile Viewer!
  • 01-Nov-2015 - Now you can pick a theme for the Button + Volume option in the Youtube Player Generator ! Also, we have made it easier for you to input your playlist links to it.
  • 15-Oct-2015 - Finished the transition to the new version of the youtube api for the code that the Youtube Player Generator generates so now you are able to use the Button type players as well in HTML5.
  • 19-Sep-2015 - Added Free Image Hosting sites in the Recommended Sites section.
  • 19-Sep-2015 - Reworked the Youtube Player Generator for it to create HTML5 players.
  • 12-Sep-2015 - Fixed a bug in the Youtube Player Generator that could happen when using the custom button option and setting the video to repeat (thanks xoxchels!).
  • 24-Aug-2015 - Added the Secure Login link (HTTPS) to the Useful IMVU Links section.
  • 24-Aug-2015 - IMVU has discontinued the Name Change History feature. Read more here.
  • 09-Aug-2015 - Made an enhancement to the Product Icon and Preview Generator that will allow you to generate icon and preview image of a product right after submitting it.
  • 04-Aug-2015 - Fixed the Product Icon and Preview Generator (thanks Lanchor!)
  • 26-Jul-2015 - Fixed the marquee generators to work with chrome
  • 29-Jun-2015 - Included a modification in the whole site to allow easier navigation from mobile devices and smaller screens :)
  • 17-May-2015 - Added a small tweak to the Cash Profit Calculator so now it shows 4 decimal numbers for lower cash profits.
  • 09-May-2015 - Added a new helper for Creators that are earning money from IMVU: Cash Profit Calculator helps you to set the correct profit to your products for a desired money earning based on your % of retention applicable.
  • 04-May-2015 - Added another option to the Welcome Message Generator so now it allows the message to be put into a custom div.
  • 01-May-2015 - Fixed a bug in the View Profile Card gadget, so now is showing interests, affinities and room locations again :)
  • 27-Apr-2015 - Added a new set of buttons to the Contact Panel Buttons generator! Thank you very much to Alara for collaborating with us.
  • 22-Mar-2015 - New Section: Free Layouts! Wanted to revamp your homepage? Now you can pick from a set of layouts from your favourite layout designers!
  • 08-Mar-2015 - Made a few fixes to the Youtube Player Generator that was making it impossible to play certain music videos. Also fixed the control-less version to work with the youtube api.
  • 07-Mar-2015 - Fixed a small bug in the Image Color Detector gadget when using certain image urls with spaces.
  • 29-Jan-2015 - Added an option to change the preview image avatar in the Product Icon and Preview Generator to allow invisible avatars instead of the default white mannequin.
  • 26-Jan-2015 - Added a new generator for Creators: Product Icon and Preview Generator will allow you to do your marketing quickly and focus more into developing more products.
  • 14-Dec-2014 - Added a new link to the Useful IMVU Links section to see recent homepage visitors.
  • 30-Nov-2014 - Added a new game Creator Quiz! Have fun guessing your favourite imvu creator brands!
  • 25-Nov-2014 - Added affinities to the View Profile Card Gadget
  • 23-Nov-2014 - We have fixed the View Profile Card gadget so it now shows interests and added the feature to see multiple room locations!
  • 22-Nov-2014 - Added a 'playing' symbol option to the the Image Slideshow Generator.
  • 17-Nov-2014 - A new gadget has been created: Snapshot Thumbnail Generator is a simple tool that you can use to quickly create thumbnailed versions of your snapshots by just inputting its direct link from your imvu albums or photostream.
  • 04-Nov-2014 - A new generator has been created: Product Scrolling Marquee Generator allows you to easily create advertising spaces showcasing your own creations!
  • 02-Nov-2014 - We have created a new section on our site to feature all those Useful IMVU Links that are not easy to get to.
  • 01-Nov-2014 - The Linked Image Generator gadget is now Linked Image / Text Generator and allows you to link images and text in both HTML and BBCode coding types.
  • 26-Oct-2014 - A few minor fixes layout wise have been made to the Online HTML Editor.
  • 26-Oct-2014 - Made a few smaller tweaks to the View Profile Card gadget so it can work faster.
  • 25-Oct-2014 - Added a small search box to the Creator Support Section Generator to make it easy to you to pick your favorite Creators.
  • 25-Oct-2014 - We redesigned the IMVU Links Generator so it now shows the links in a more organized manner and including all the links you need to code your homepages.
  • 25-Oct-2014 - Added 3 more options for playlist player in the Youtube Player Generator: Button, Button + Volume, and Button + Volume + Progress Bar.
  • 06-Oct-2014 - Small fix to code for denying access to visitors by Avatar ID in the Various Codes section.
  • 04-Oct-2014 - Added a new feature to the Image Slideshow Generator that allows you to link the images of the slideshow, allowing you to create custom banner slides and ad spaces.
  • 16-Aug-2014 - A new batch of codes has been added to the Various Codes section! Big Avipics in Friends Panel, Big Avipics in Visitors Panel, Hide Vip Since and Information in the About me Panel, Visitor Avipic as own pic on About me Panel, Force remove all panel borders, Set all panel backgrounds to white semi transparent, Set all panel backgrounds to black semi transparent, and Add grey drop shadow to all panels.
  • 13-Aug-2014 - Fixed a small glitch with the Match avatar ID to Avatar Name gadget.
  • 02-Aug-2014 - Fixed the font customization codes for the Special Someone panel in the Various Codes section (thanks TaraLass!).
  • 11-Jun-2014 - Fixed the link to Forum Profile and added link to Forum Private Message to the IMVU Links Generator.
  • 27-May-2014 - New gadget released! Image Color Detector allows you to quickly use the eyedropper tool on web images to detect colors inside an image. Try it out today!
  • 26-Apr-2014 - We have just officially added a feature that will allow you to complete your layouts acquired with our service Image to Code easily with our new WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor! Try it today with your order number, when you fetch your code, it will show you as an option to fill the code using our web editor.
  • 12-Apr-2014 - Fixed a bug on the Online HTML Editor that was related to the Save feature, and fixed another bug on the Youtube Player Generator that was making the first song on a playlist to not play (thanks zXkelseyXz for reporting this bug!)
  • 23-Mar-2014 - We have arranged the menues of the site for easier browsing of the most visited sections of the site.
  • 15-Mar-2014 - Added two new shops to our Layout shops section!
  • 12-Mar-2014 - Fixed a small bug in the Product Icon Code Generator that made some products to repeat (thanks MrGoldenMetal for reporting the bug!).
  • 09-Mar-2014 - Fixed a glitch that happened when generating the playlist code in the Youtube Player Generator that made the first song repeat itself when chosing the repeat option (thanks KurtCharles for reporting this bug!).
  • 06-Mar-2014 - Fixed a bug that could happen when using Internet Explorer to browse the Name change history finder.
  • 05-Mar-2014 - Added a few new codes to our Various Codes section: Center Badges Panel, Hide Embedded Webpanel Legend, and Hide 'Age Verified' and 'AP' badges from About me Panel.
  • 21-Feb-2014 - There have been some changes in the Chrome browser that is making some of the videos generated with the Youtube Player Generator to not work anymore. There we have updated the code in the Control-less and Invisible players so if you had any videos with those options, you can go ahead and use the generator to get the fixed code. We have also fixed the bug that was making the repeat option to not work with some videos :)
  • 16-Jan-2014 - gaf210Codes - Twitter followersWe already have our first 20 followers on our Twitter page! Follow us to know all the updates and whats going on behind the scenes in the site and in the imvu world.
  • 11-Jan-2014 - Added two new layouts shops to our Custom Layouts section!
  • 11-Jan-2014 - Made a little tweak to the Banner Code Generator to feature the html code to copy when generating the bbcode of the banner (Thanks Dragonic for the suggestion!)

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