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My Photostream Panel Generator

Are you an avid photo streamer and want to reflect that in your homepage? Then this generator is a must for you! Just fill with your avatar name, and style the panel header and body with colors and backgrounds.

Example result:
My Photostream Panel Generator - gaf210 imvu codes

What does this code do?
  • Creates a panel called My Photostream with your recent activity.
  • Shows up to around 7 of your recent photo stream pictures, linked to the bigger versions in your stream.
  • Shows photobooth pictures as well.
  • Does not show text based streams.
  • It won't show any pictures if your photostream is empty.

  • You need to have at least 1 photostream picture in your recent activity.
  • Paste the code inside any panel. Save and refresh your page to see the changes.

1) Dein Avatarname
2) Kopf Style Hintergrundbild Link: ?
Hintergrund Positionierung:
Hintergrund Farbe:
3) Panel Körper Style Hintergrunbild Link: ?
Hintergrund Positionierung:
Hintergrund Farbe:
4) Panel Kante Kanten Style:
Kanten Farbe:

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