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Snapshot Thumbnail Generator

This generator offers you an easy way of creating the code for adding thumbnails of your pictures (from your imvu albums, photostream or avatar pics) in your homepage, forums, or groups, and it also allows you to make these thumbnails clickable and linked to the original image. You can size the thumbnails to any size you want.

1) Coding type:

4) Here put the snapshot image direct links
For example:

Snapshot 1:
Snapshot 2:
Snapshot 3:
Snapshot 4:
Snapshot 5:
Snapshot 6:
Snapshot 7:
Snapshot 8:
Snapshot 9:
Snapshot 10:
Snapshot 11:
Snapshot 12:
Snapshot 13:
Snapshot 14:
Snapshot 15:
Snapshot 16:
Snapshot 17:
Snapshot 18:
Snapshot 19:
Snapshot 20:
Snapshot 21:
Snapshot 22:
Snapshot 23:
Snapshot 24:
Snapshot 25:
2) Thumbnail dimensions limits:
Max Width: px
Max Height: px
Dimensions of the thumbnail will be automatically set keeping the aspect ratio of the original snapshot.
Result Code:

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