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Related Products Panel Generator

This generator is meant to ease your way into listing a line of related products to a keyword you input to it. For example, if you created a flowers product, and want to showcase all your flower related products, just input the keyword 'flower' in the generator and it will create a new panel showing all your products that match that keyword in the product name, description or tags. You can input more than one keyword separating them with spaces. It will show them ordered by newest to oldest, and only GA products (it will take a couple of days for it to show your really recent ones, but it will update itself showing all the products you have that match the keywords specified).

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
A tweak on this code allows now to show really recent products and AP products to Access Pass holders. This new feature will only work if you put this code inside your homepage or product page.
Example for Keyword 'Food':
Related Products Panel Generator - gaf210 imvu codes

1) Your Avatarname
2) Keyword/s ?
3) How many products
you want in the panel ?(as a maximum)
4) Header Style Background Image Link: ?
Background Positioning:
Background Color:
Font color:
Font type:
5) Panel Body Style Background Image Link: ?
Background Positioning:
Background Color:
6) Panel border Border Style:
Border Color:

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