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Product Scrolling Marquee Generator

This generator is a mix between our Marquee Generator and our Product Panel generators, simply choose what products you want the marquee to show, configure the marquee, and thats pretty much it :) Remember this generator will only show GA items, and the recently published ones will take a few weeks to show.

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
A tweak on this code allows now to show really recent products and AP products to Access Pass holders. This new feature will only work if you put this code inside your homepage or product page.

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
If you are using an adblocker addon in your browser, you might have problems using this generator. Be sure to add an exception in your adblocker for the '' domain (clicking on the Adblock icon, then Disable adblock on this site).

1) Your Avatarname
2) Products to show
2.a) Keyword/s ?
3) How many products you want
in the marquee ?(as a maximum)
4) Dimensions Width (px):
Height (px):
5) Scroll configuration Speed:
Scroll type:

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