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Product Icon and Preview Generator

Tired of having to make icons and preview pictures for each of your products? This Creator tool allows you to save all that hassle and automatically create a product icon image and preview for your products!
Input a product link or ID number of any of your products to create an automatic icon and product preview picture. You need to be logged into imvu for this generator to work. Also the generator works only with clothing GA products.

1) Product Link or ID number
Remember, supports only GA clothing products!
2) Preview Image Avatar New! - gaf210 imvu codes
Right-click and Save image to download
Product Icon
Product Preview Image:
Product Icon
To use this product preview image in your product description, copy and paste this code in your Add HTML description page. This Image will be able to be seen only by logged in users in the imvu website. To avoid this, download and submit this image to an image hosting of your preference.

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