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Extended New Products Panel Generator

A long awaited generator is now released! Want to put more than just 6 new products into your homepage or product page? Now you can thanks to this generator. Specify your avatarname, and how many products you want to show. Style your extended new products panel and use it in any panel of your homepage, product page, or any site you want :D

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
Note: if you have just submitted a new product, it will take a few weeks to be shown by this code. This is due to imvu hiding new products from catalog pages so they can get the chance of being flagged before they are shown to the public. Also bear in mind that this code will only show GA (general audience) products.

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
A tweak on this code allows now to show really recent products and AP products to Access Pass holders. This new feature will only work if you put this code inside your homepage or product page.
Example result:
Extended New Products Panel Generator - gaf210 imvu codes

1) Dein Avatarname
2) Wieviele Produkte willst
du haben in deinem Panel?
3) Kopf Style Hintergrundbild Link: ?
Hintergrund Positionierung:
Hintergrund Farbe:
4) Panel Körper Style Hintergrunbild Link: ?
Hintergrund Positionierung:
Hintergrund Farbe:
5) Panel Kante Kanten Style:
Kanten Farbe:

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