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Bulk product icon code generator

If you are looking for a quick way of coding several product icon then this generator is your answer. It will generate the code for a whole set of products you input to it. Put all the product links or ids you want, choose the coding type you need if you are gonna use it in your homepage or in the forums, and hit Generate. Remember it will only show GA products.

1) Coding type:

2) Here put the product links or IDs
(Remember, no AP or hidden products!)
Product 1:
Product 2:
Product 3:
Product 4:
Product 5:
Product 6:
Product 7:
Product 8:
Product 9:
Product 10:
Product 11:
Product 12:
Product 13:
Product 14:
Product 15:
Product 16:
Product 17:
Product 18:
Product 19:
Product 20:
Product 21:
Product 22:
Product 23:
Product 24:
Product 25:
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