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Bestsellers Panel Generator

Want to add something special to your homepage? What about showing your bestselling products inside a whole new panel? with this code you will be able to create your own panel that will show in order your bestselling products from your catalog. Write your avatar name, put how many products you want the panel to show, and give it some style! :)

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
It most cases, the result code will no longer show the current most sold products of your catalog, just a random set of them. This is because now its actually not possible anymore to sort your products by quantity of sales in the catalog. You can see which are your most sold products in your developer reports screen

Warning - gaf210 imvu codes
A tweak on this code allows now to show really recent products and AP products to Access Pass holders. This new feature will only work if you put this code inside your homepage or product page.
Bestsellers generator - gaf210 imvu codes

1) Your Avatarname
2) How many products
you want in the panel?
3) Header Style Background Image Link: ?
Background Positioning:
Background Color:
Font color:
Font type:
4) Panel Body Style Background Image Link: ?
Background Positioning:
Background Color:
5) Panel border Border Style:
Border Color:

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