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Banner Code Generator

Banner Code Generator - Video preview - gaf210 imvu codes
This is the generator you must use if you are looking forward to have a banner and put it in your homepage, product page, group, forum, or anywhere. Just paste the banner image url, your catalog link and hit Generate! Optionally you can make it to also generate a small box where your banner code will be, so your visitors can copy it and put it on their homepages.

Notice - gaf210 imvu codes
If you are generating the banner to put into your badge description box be sure to check the Badge Description Helper in the Bling Directory!

Notice - gaf210 imvu codes
NEW: Now you can make the link to be a tinyurl, specially useful for group links with rare characters in their names.

1) Banner image direct link
2) Your Catalog Link
3) Coding type
4) Add code box under banner?
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